Chair: Prof. Jurģis Šķilters

Research areas: Spatial perception and spatial cognition, visual perception and visual cognition, semantics, formal and cognitive models in semantics

Assoc. Prof. Līga Zariņa

Research areas: Spatial perception, mathematical statistics, mathematics, geology, archeology

MA Liene Viļuma

Research areas: Information science, UX, information architecture, research on interface perception

Dr. Ayumi Takemoto

Research areas: Developmental biology, psychology, neuroscience, neuropsychology, machine learning

Dr. Lelde Timma

Research areas: to combine engineering and social science on topics of energy systems, environmental engineering, sustainable development, systems modelling, behavioural economics and environmental psychology. Lelde have studied and worked in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Lithuania. Currently, she is a reviewer in numerous internationally recognized scientific journals and an expert in the European Commission.


Dr. Daniel Skibra

Assistant Editor: The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication

Research areas: Modals, tense, and aspect, event semantics and event cognition

Dr. Linda Apse

Research areas: Spatial perception and cognition, language cognition interface, linguistics, semantics, semiotics

Aisha Futura Tüchler BA MSc

PhD student
Research areas: cognitive psychology, digital and analog learning tools

Guntis Vilnis Strazds

Research interests: Machine learning of hierarchical and compositional task strategies, e.g. for spatial navigation and interactive question answering in simulated environments. Natural language processing technologies, machine translation, semantic parsing.

Artis Luguzis

Member of Statistics Research Lab, Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Optometry
Research areas: Statistical analysis, mathematical statistics

Past affiliates and internship researchers: 

MA Zeynab Babashova, Baku State University

Research areas: Color preferences and emotions

Gurjit Theara, Georg-August University

Research areas: Spatial skills and spatial cognition, cognitive styles