15th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Language

Satellite event in collaboration with Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music

Music and Language: neural and behavioral transfers

Research on language and music has become rather diverse in the past two decades, which is why multiple different fields have started to look more closely at shared and distinct mechanisms of music and speech. At this conference, the link between music and language will be shown from a number of different approaches and the main topics of discussion will focus on the relationship between music and language ability. The contributions present findings, which illustrate that singing ability and singing behaviour during childhood both, predict language aptitude during adulthood. In addition, musical measurements, and elementary auditory skills and how they relate to individual differences in diverse language skills such as pronunciation, phonemic awareness and novel speech perception will also be provided. This includes that a number of different new language measurements will be shown as well. Furthermore, what electrophysiological (EEG) testing reveals about intended emotional expression during music improvisation would add a further perspective on language and music interactions. The main findings of the contributions will address the controversially debated issue on the relationship between aptitude and achievement in both language and music, as well as the miscellaneous findings on the relationship between perception and production, which has been observed for language and music, should provide the basis for useful discussions.

26.11.2021. 17:15 – 18:45, online



Chairs: Markus Christiner, Christine Groß, Valdis Bernhofs


Singing behaviour during childhood boosts language abilities during

Christine Groß and Markus Christiner

What musical status reveals about individual differences in the perception and
production of foreign languages 

Christine Groß and Markus Christiner
Acquiring phonological awareness in a second language: The influence of musical
abilities and phonetic aptitude 

Marion Coumel, Christine Groß, Sabine Sommer-Lolei, Markus Christiner
Mandarin and Musicality: What elementary auditory skills, musical and singing
abilities reveal about learning to discriminate and to pronounce Mandarin 

Markus Christiner, Julia Renner, Christine Groß, Jan Benner and Peter Schneider

Where words fail: Investigating intended emotional expression during music
improvisation with the EEG method 

Jachin Edward Pousson

Round discussion
General discussion