Number: Cognitive, Semantic and Crosslinguistic Approaches

University of Latvia, Faculty of Computing
December 10-11, 2015

In recent years, research into human use of number in language has broadened considerably to include experimental techniques from psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics as well as theoretical techniques from semantics and syntax. This conference aims to bring together researchers from these fields for a discussion of results related to any aspect of number and numerosity in language and cognition, including but not restricted to numericals, counting, measuring, approximation, plurality, crosslinguistic variation, acquisition of numerosity.

Invited speakers include:

Michael Glanzberg, Northwestern University, USA
Scott Grimm, University of Rochester, USA
Daniel Hyde, University of Illinois, USA
Fred Landman, Tel Aviv University/Tübingen University, Israel/Germany
Suzi Lima, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Susan Rothstein Bar, Ilan University/Tübingen University, Israel/Germany (invited organizer)